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The brand

“taškU” is a Lithuanian brand dedicated to those fashion lovers who like eye catching style. They dress up the way they like. No one comes unnoticed with “taškU” clothing.

The brand was founded back in 2015 while looking for some exclusive clothes in the market and seeing a lack of ideas. Everything started out with making unique sweatshirt models and decorating them with hand-drawn images which made taškU stand out in the market for that day. Not even the model but every product was totally unique as it had this hand touch and it did not come up the same every time.

During the years the brand evolved, more models were added to our assortment, amount of production increased. Never the less images are not made by hand on every product anymore but they remain unique as every image is made from scratch by us and is not a stock image printed on the fabric.

Happy and satisfied customers is our main goal. This is why we really value the quality, good service and hope to make customers happy with a vision to make our products your new favourite in the wardrobe.


We take great care when choosing our fabric suppliers because quality is very important to us. We carefully create every model so the final product for our beloved customers is not only beautiful but comfortable, in high quality, functional as well.


All our products are fully created and manufactured in Lithuania, beginning with an idea and finishing with the last stitch and finalising everything with the custom drawings. Because of that we are very flexible and can always offer custom orders for our beloved clients.


All the drawings are created from scratch by us so we can guarantee that it is an original product not only because of the model but because of drawing as well.

Custom sizes

Didn’t find the size that fits you perfectly? We can solve this with ease! Just because we manufacture everything by ourselves and want our beloved customers to look stylish we can always make a custom dimensions product just for You. All you need to do is just provide us your dimensions.

For custom size orders please contact us.

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Where you can find our products

Our online shop and design studio is not the only places to find and buy our products. We collaborate with some boutique shops where you can try on and buy our products as well.

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